A futuristic sci-fi sport played in an octagon shaped arena of inverse physics and unstable gravity fields, are you ready for OctaBall?

To play, click START from the menu screen. This will take you to the garage. After you have earned some credits by competing in the arena you can repair and buy ship upgrades here. Click on the ENTER THE OCTAGON button at the top to start your first match. Use the mouse to control your ship (chariot). Your goal is to bump the ball (Sphere) into the goal located at the top, bottom, or sides of the Octagon by bumping it with your ship. Score as many goals as you can.

We are currently wrapping up this game, things to note:

As the player increases in rank the ball speed also increases, turrets will start shooting at the player, and damage will gradually increase.
The player can earn medals or badges based on their performance. These are awarded after the match is played on the stats screen.

Any feedback, suggestions, or game elements you think would add to game experience are greatly appreciated. You can contact us by using the contact link at the bottom of this page. Also of note, this game is not available to the public yet and is only being posted here to allow certain website portals access to evaluate the game.